Leather fashion made for you!

At Kippylou's you can find leather western fashion pieces intentionally designed and created to be unique and showcase its individual character.

Cowhide Wipe Covers/Make up Bags!

LARGE (comes with strap) and ORIGINAL size Cowhide Wipe Covers  

Custom Tooled Bouquet Wraps

  • Custom Tooled Patches

    Add some personalization to your Kippylou's Cowhide Wipe Cover with a custom tooled patch with a name, brand, design, or all of the above.

  • Purses and Larger Bags

    Some of us prefer to carry large bags around to travel with, or just go to the store with the 50 snacks our kids need on the trip out of the house.

  • Matching Sets

    It can be fun to mix and match, but sometimes you want your pieces to all easily go together to use at the same time or each on their own.

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Lightweight Earrings


Leather earrings are lightweight and great for all day wear! They can... 

  • For the Men

    Kippylou's can help you gift the hard to shop for men in your life with a special piece they can use for years to come.

  • Christmas Stockings

    Have a true western theme cowboy Christmas by adding some cowhide stockings to your decorations.

  • Tooled Shoe Toppers

    Make your shoes stand out by adding some custom tooled leather to the top of them.

  • Cowhide Wipe Cover Flap

    Personalize your cowhide wipe cover even more by having a custom tooled flap added to it.