Tack Sets

Tack Sets




You know the feeling of tacking your horse up, getting ready to practice, compete, do work, or just going on a stroll.

The smell of the barn, horses, fresh dirt, and your favorite tack.

Tacking up is such a beautiful time and it allows you to bond with your horse and set the mood for the ride ahead.

As you’re putting it on your horse you feel the soft supple leather as you attach the tug straps to your saddle.

You proudly put on the beautiful bridle that has your favorite bit on it.

Having your favorite tack set on puts you in the right mindset to ride.

Plus let’s be honest it’s better to do a little photoshoot with your horse when you have a beautiful tack set on.

Picking out a tack set to show your style is so much fun. I’d absolutely love to know what your style is!

Having a whole set (breast collar, wither strap, and headstall), a piece or two, a noseband, or a halter to reflect your style.

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