ORIGINAL Cowhide Wipe Cover #68
ORIGINAL Cowhide Wipe Cover #68

ORIGINAL Cowhide Wipe Cover #68

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In stock zippered cowhide wipe cover.


Bag number: 68


Bag color: Black and White  


Zipper color: Antique Brass 


This is already made and the cutout  can be fitted to whatever brand of baby wipes you use!


The cutout will be on the side of the first picture.


The main template I have fits Huggies brand best, they will also fit several other brands, or I can make them specific to the brand(s) you use.


*When checking out you can ‘add a note to your order’ put the brand(s) you use there*


You can also choose to not have a cutout to use them as a bag!


If you have any questions or need anything feel free to ask me kippylousleather@gmail.com or @kippylousleather on social media 😊